All my life I’ve been infatuated with food. My earliest memory of cooking is helping my mother make chicken and dumplings. Seeing the responses of people eating the meal I just prepared had me instantly hooked, so growing up I knew I wanted to become a chef from a fairly young age. After a short stint at a university working toward a major I had no passion for, I decided it was time to pursue my childhood dreams and start down the culinary path to chef-dom. The semester after I would enroll in culinary school. In my two years of culinary school I learned a lot, but there was still something missing from the food. Everything was either beef, chicken, or pork with boring vegetables as a side.  Dishes we have all seen our whole lives. After school, I moved to the great state of Colorado to work at a resort tucked away in the mountains. I had never left the east coast, so this was a big change for me. All of the sudden I was surrounded by immense stretches of public forest and abundant natural resources. This is what sparked my interest in wild foods. Every time I would go on a hike I would discover a new edible species in the area. I was instantly hooked.

Shortly after moving to Colorado, the elk began to rut. Growing up in Georgia, I didn’t even know what an elk was. I joined a friend for a short archery hunt and upon hearing my first bugle I was instantly hooked. I quickly invested in some cheap gear and dove head first into hunting.

Fast forward 2 years to today and now we’re chasing all kinds of animals all over the state. I’m not a good hunter by any means– luckily for me, I know a few people who are so I get my fair share of wild meats. From elk to squirrel, we’ve cooked almost everything that’s legal to hunt in Colorado and I’m hoping to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained along the way. Enjoy the page, and feel free to email me with any questions!

Spencer Milne- F2T