Jackrabbit Pâté

Jackrabbit Pâté wrapped in dock leaves

For whatever reason many people disregard jacks as an edible game animal. At FTT, we are very confused as to why that is. They are fun to hunt, relatively abundant, provide a substantial amount of meat, and honestly- they taste delicious. After some messing around we decided to make the last of the years harvest into a pâté- and man oh man is it amazing.  Here is Cam’s recipe for the pâté.

Jackrabbit Pâté
jackrabbit 1
pork fat ½ C cubed and cold
eggs 2 whole
cream ½ C
shallot 2 small size
garlic 3 cloves
sage 1 tbl
salt 3 large pinches
pepper 2 tsp
brioche 1 C pulled apart
dock leaf enough for casing (optional)

Debone the jackrabbit making sure to remove silverskin, tough connective tissue,
and any shrapnel.

Mix the meat and pork fat cubes together and refridgerate. Pull
apart the brioche bread and mix with heavy cream, refridgerate.

Put rabbit and fat through a meat grinder cold. If you do not have access to a meat grinder you can chop the meat up small and put straight into a food processor with all the ingredients. Blend everything together until a paste forms.

Lay a large piece of plastic wrap on the table, this is when I lay blanched dock leaves for the pâté to be wrapped in. roll into a cylinder, twist ends and tie off. It is the same technique as a roulade or mousseline.

Drop into simmering water for ~25 mins or until inside temp reaches 150 °F. Make sure it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pan. Once cooked and bouncy to the touch cool by ice bath or cold running water and unwrap. End-of- story


The pâté can be served hot or cold and goes great on a charcuterie board. We served it with some pepper jelly and cheese and it did not disappoint. Enjoy!



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